How celebrating employee appreciation day can improve retention and recruitment success

Despite organizations having the upper hand in the job market, the battle for top talent continues to remain fierce. With the average tenure decreasing rapidly and the surge in remote jobs, it is now harder than ever to retain employees and attract top candidates. Fortunately, there is an effective way to combat this: creating a positive work environment that celebrates your employees and empowers them to do their best work.   

With Employee Appreciation Day fast approaching, this serves as an excellent time to recognize and show your team just how valued they are. Celebrated annually on the first Friday of March, this day holds a special significance in recognizing and valuing the contributions of employees.   

The Power of Employee Appreciation

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But why exactly does employee appreciation and recognition matter so much in the context of retention, recruitment and so much more? It’s simple: the more people feel valued and recognized, the more loyal and engaged they are at work. Employee Appreciation Day is a tool that should be used to create a thriving workforce.  

The Impact of Employee Appreciation on Retention   

Recent research shows that employees who are recognized are almost 6x more likely to stay at jobs than those who aren’t.  In today’s job market, candidates are looking for new benefits and perks outside of good compensation – they want to feel valued. Recognition and appreciation programs that were once thought of as “nice to haves” have now become table stakes. Employees yearn for recognition, and celebrating their efforts can foster a sense of belonging and loyalty. By acknowledging their hard work and dedication, organizations not only boost morale but significantly reduce turnover rates.    

And there’s data to prove it! Gallup research indicates that employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year. Likewise, organizations with formal employee recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover than organizations that don’t have any program at all – and they’re 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes.      

Employee Appreciation as a Recruitment Magnet     

As the past few years have shown, a strong brand reputation can be a game changer for talent acquisition. Organizations that have employee-centric and appreciative work environments stand out in the job market and possess stronger brand equity, enabling them to retain their valuable employees and attract the best candidates in the talent pool. In fact, LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report suggests that a strong employer brand can reduce turnover rates by 28% and cut hiring costs by half. When prospective employees see that a company genuinely celebrates its staff and has a supportive work environment, it positions the organization as a desirable place to work.   

Moreover, with the wide use of social media and employer review sites like Glassdoor, positive employee testimonials, often stemming from experiences of appreciation and recognition, can significantly enhance an employer’s attractiveness to potential recruits.  

The Inspirational Ripple Effect   

The benefits of employee appreciation extend beyond retention and recruitment. It creates a ripple effect, enhancing the employee experience, strengthening team dynamics and fostering innovation.  Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to go the extra mile, contribute ideas and support their colleagues, leading to a healthier and more productive workplace environment.   

Consistent employee appreciation and recognition requires more effort than just one day of the year. It’s a critical strategy in nurturing a workplace where employees feel genuinely valued. This, in turn, plays a significant role in not just increasing engagement, productivity, retaining top talent but also attracting new stars to your team. Remember, in the world of work, appreciation isn’t just nice to have; it’s a must-have. As shown, employee appreciation has a real, tangible impact on retaining employees and recruiting top talent.   

Employee Appreciation Day is an excellent way to start building a culture of appreciation and recognition that keeps your employees loyal and empowers them to drive positive business outcomes, year-round.   

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