Recruitment Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) involves the use of an experienced third-party provider to assist businesses with specific recruiting and sourcing objectives. The RPO function may include solutions designed to help your business:

  • Attract high-quality talent
  • Reduce Recruitment Cost
  • Improve the Employer Brand
  • Streamline the Recruiting Process
  • Minimize Employer Turnover
Kevin Gardenhire Consulting -Outsourcing
  • Lower Recruiting Cost
  • Quality Talent Acquisition
  • Faster Time-to-Hire
  • Enhanced Employer Branding
  • Improved Recruitment Flexibility
  • Free Up Time and Resources
Kevin Gardenhire Consulting -Human Resources
  • Focus on Strategic Planning and Future Growth
  • Increase Recruiting Speed and Efficiency
  • Minimize Costs Associated with Employee Turnover and Performance
  • Hire Better Quality Trained Candidates

Many businesses struggle to keep up with changing regulations involving labor and employment. Failure to comply with labor and employment laws can lead to serious financial and legal consequences. Outsourcing your HR functions to a trusted provider can help business owners understand and comply with the required laws and regulations. Outsourcing further allows companies with minimal resources the ability to utilize cutting-edge technology that would otherwise be too expensive to purchase on their own. Additionally, outsourcing your HR administrative tasks can help reduce HR administrative expenses, while increasing employee production and morale.

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